An 10 week learning curriculum and team based accountability journey. Join a mastermind group designed solely to help you accomplish your goals.

This course is designed to support people with being goal focused and to create opportunities; also to practice your leadership mindset in a team environment. 

Learn how fear has been playing a part in your decisions and shift into trusting your voice of love for guidance. This course is considered personal growth and development.

Upcoming Journey's
  • TBA
  • Private Corporate Journey's Available

$2,000 per person

Now Includes: 



Expected Time Commitment

Distinction Calls    - 2 Hours

Buddy Calls             - 30 Minutes

C. Guide Calls         - 30 Minutes

Elite Coach Calls    - 1 Hour

Team Calls               - 2 Hours

Total = 6 hours per week x 10 weeks

60 hours of focused educational training

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