SuccSEX  ful Awareness

SuccSEX  ful Awareness

Dates & Times

Florida   (Fort Lauderdale)

August 28, 2021  10:00 am

“SuccSEX  ful Awareness” is a 1-day workshop that involves accelerated learning

techniques to generate healthy conversations in sex and relationships. This

course is designed in the domain of self-awareness, self-development and

growth. This workshop allows you to see how you approach your

internal dialogue around your intimate relationships.

This is great for anyone who is (18+), regardless of gender, sexual preferences and relationship status.

There will be NO nudity, NO intercourse, NO pornography and this workshop is NOT considered “adult entertainment.”

What This Course Includes

Lectures - The trainer will introduce topics for discussion and make some linguistic distinctions. These concepts propose a new perspective to the audience.

Open Sharing - The audience members will have the opportunity to share with the group, anything relevant to the discussion in the room. 


Coaching Engagements - The trainer will engage attendees who share, as wise leaders who can manifest anything in their lives. These interactions are an opportunity for people to illuminate their internal dialogue.


Mingles - The trainer will ask the audience members to move around the room and interact with other people in a brief, structured manner. Typically this consists of conversations; touching, if any, is limited.


Writing Exercises - Attendees will be asked to journal and reflect on conversations relevant to the workshop. This is an opportunity to outflow ideas in privacy.


Partnered Processes - The trainer will ask the audience to pair up and sit across from each other ready for discussion. This allows the participants to connect clearly.


Closed Eye Process - The trainer will guide the audience through a visualization process with mood lighting & music.

Games - The trainer will ask the audience to play an interactive game and then reflect on its relevance in their intimate conversations.


Single Admission


Couples Admission