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There are 3 primary parts to the Salt Therapy Cave Meditation that make-up the entire experience.


The first part is all of the health benefits that are received from being inside of a salt therapy room. Salt therapy is known to benefit a wide variety of ailments from respiratory concerns to epidermal conditions like acne or eczema. The act of breathing in finely crushed salt particles is also very relaxing and therapeutic. 

The second part of the experience is the meditation. The meditation is a fantastical story that takes you into the "cave of wonder." Here we uncover a relationship in your life that needs healing. The meditation is designed to allow you to experience forgiveness and to feel complete on any negative energies around that relationships.

The third and most important part of the process is the experiential portion. During the meditation there will be opportunities for you to experience the story through interaction. We bring the story to life by stimulating your senses (touch, sound, sight, smell) in the process.